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TAG Mission


TAG has been established to work with others to respond to the issue of sexual exploitation of children and vulnerable young people and we are part of the Community Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE).

“We will work together with individuals, organisations and agencies to raise awareness, create outrage and develop a collective determination to take appropriate and lawful action that will protect our children and vulnerable young people from sexual exploitation.”
· Work Together

· Raise Awareness

· Cause Outrage

. We feel a collective and deep sense of outrage, this is totally unacceptable and the time for concerted action has arrived.

• We all have a role to play. Action is required on a large scale from local communities and national and local organisations to counter this threat of harm to our children.

• With this issue profiling perpetrators is unhelpful and dangerous and ignores the known facts that perpetrators of sexual exploitation against children come from all racial backgrounds and do not observe a specific religion or practice a particular culture.

• We support crime enforcement and child protection authorities to pursue perpetrators regardless of which racial background and religion they belong to.

• The authorities must provide all necessary and appropriate support to empower members of the local communities to encourage and empower them to take action and report their suspicions.
  • There is a need to work with all communities to raise awareness of the presence of a small but significant number of sexual predators that are inclined to harm our children which is what allowed someone like Jimmy Saville get away with his behaviour for such a long period of time.

• There are those that are in various positions within local communities who should be educated to look out for and identify the signs that both perpetrators and victims display that could help to identify the risk early on. This includes teachers, youth workers, social workers, probation officers, imams and many, many others.

• We should not be fooled into thinking that victims are only those that are from “broken homes” or those that have been through the care system. We now know that victims of sexual exploitation come from all classes, religions and backgrounds


Khutba Against Grooming: 28th June 2013

We are embarking on a campaign to ask all mosques in the UK to devote the sermon for the Friday Prayers on 28 June 2013 to the issue of grooming. We are aiming for several hundred mosques to send the same message on a single day and believe that that would have a powerful impact on the Muslim community and we would go a long way to raising awareness about this issue.
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